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The structure of imports of goods from China

RUSSIAN IMPORT FROM CHINA (according to China General Customs Administration data)

period: January – September 2019)

1. МMachinery and technical products

Almost half of the value of Russian import from China is represented by machinery and equipment (45.4%). Herewith the volume of purchases decreased by 1.1% (to 16 174.1 million dollars), including electrical machinery and equipment – by 5.1%, optical and medical devices – by 8.1%, while import of cars, tractors and other vehicles increased by 23.7%, and power and technological equipment supplies increased by 4.4%.

2. Clothes and footwear

Clothes and footwear The second largest category of imported products – clothing and footwear ($ 4,521.3 million) – decreased by 5.6%. Import of textile clothing decreased significantly (-12.3%), but the volume of import of knitwear and footwear changed slightly (-3% and -2% respectively).

3.Chemical products

The value of supplies of the third largest category of imported goods – chemicals – increased by 9.1% (3 489.4 million dollars), and its share became 9.8%. Herewith import of organic chemical compounds increased by 19.8%, plastics and products from them – by 10.7%, while purchases of inorganic chemicals decreased by 16.9%.

4.Fur and fur products

Fur and fur products are still in fourth place (with a share of 5.5%), despite a decrease in supplies by 9.5% (to 1,969.7 million dollars).

5. Agricultural and food products

The volume of import of agricultural products and food products decreased by 11.7% to $ 1,255.7 million. This category of products took the fifth place with a share of 3.5%.

6.Ferrous metal products

7. Furniture, mattresses, lighting

8. Toys, sports equipment

9. Mineral fuels, oil and oil products

10. Ferrous metals

11.Leather products

12. Products made of stone, plaster, cement

13. Paper and cardboard

The growth of import of goods from China to Russia contributes to the development of services related to the search and verification of suppliers, delivery, customs clearance of goods from China.


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