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Groupage cargo from Germany

Importo provides services for the transport of goods from Germany.

Germany is an important logistics centre for consolidating cargo from other European countries. The delivery of groupage cargo from Germany is a well-established area of the company’s activity.

Importo has considerable experience in supporting deliveries of consolidated shipments from Germany in the following categories of goods:

  • heating equipment;
  • footwear and clothing;;
  • fabrics and textiles
  • furniture and fittings;
  • household tools;
  • construction and finishing materials;
  • household appliances;
  • plumbing equipment, etc.


Consolidated shipments are delivered by road with transhipment at the consolidation warehouse in Lithuania. The average delivery time for consolidation shipments from Germany to Saint-Petersburg is 7-12 days (customs clearance included). Average delivery time for whole cars from Germany to St. Petersburg (Moscow) is up to 5 days.

Germany is characterized by flexible selection of transport depending on the required delivery time, and affordable prices for major types of road transport. It is possible to pick up cargo from the shipper on a “same day”.

Customs clearance of goods from Germany is carried out by our experts at the posts of St.Petersburg, Smolensk and Moscow customs.


Our customers can also order FTL export cargo delivery from Russia to Germany.


Importo provides services for entrepreneurs who are interested in trading with contractors in Germany. In cooperation with the German-Russian Chamber of Foreign Trade, we assist our clients in finding and selecting the desired German manufacturer.

We offer:

  • searching for manufacturers and suppliers in Germany;
  • Due diligence of a contracting party in Germany;
  • Arrangement of transactions of your payments to German companies via a trading company in the EU (for goods not included in the EU sanctions lists));
  • turnkey support for German import transactions.


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Get detailed advice from our experts in delivery and customs clearance of goods from Germany!

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